THE 'Y'  FACTOR


As Elijah continues to walk the streets, warning citizens of the perils of prophecy, he is being ignored as usual but feels it is his appointed duty and responsibility until the inhabitants known as the TETS, come to Earth to warn them of the destruction they have placed amongst themselves and that YHWH is upset and Judgement will take place. As Elijah becomes the Modern-day Moses, Earthlings are given a chance to change their ways, or destruction and total annihilation is imminent 




About his daily business of 'Spreading the Word' and in the form of the Ancient Father, 'Moses,' Elijah walks the street corners of Sunny Miami in hopes of getting someone, anyone, to listen and rebuke their wicked ways and change their lifestyle. Perhaps he may get at least one to listen, but not in the near future. Walking back and forth, shouting out that 'The End IS Near,' most people have no time to hear such nonsense. Rather, Elijah is scorned, Mocked, ridiculed, and laughed at to a point where he can feel his stre3ngth weakening.  Thunder. Lightening and a plague of weathering storms surround the world. For once, people leave the ignorance of their mentality and search for answers as the Earth they so love seems to now prove to be a chaotic place. However, it is not the Earth that is in a chaotic state, but rather the inhabitants on the planet.  While resting, sitting in his rocking chair, his small barking companion, Scaampers, raise up, and hearing a  vibration unknown to human ears, scurries to the window. Elijah looks but finds nothing nor no one. During the day, unseen as a cloud, the inhabitants who call themselves THE TETS, short for Tetragrammaton, observe the inhabitants and it is now time to make their presence know. Landing in a field, Elijah is told about the unusual visitors and drives to the field where he was told they would be.  Arriving, he is stunned, shocked, but at the same time, happy, joyful, and relieved. He always felt they were real but now, he has evidence. The leader, Yod, comes out and speaks to Elijah and request his assistance. The TETS have a message for the inhabitants of the earth, and another for the wicked, conniving governments of the earth, to live in righteousness and prepare for the 2nd coming, or face certain doom. Yod reveals the outcome of what will happen if ways of thinking don't change as Elijah finds out, The TETS have little or NO TIME for pettiness. Elijah now becomes the voice of Yod as he takes on the form of Moses, letting the WHO (World Health Organization) as well as NATO, and other so-called Peace Officials. They finally get the message as destruction comes their way and the TETS no longer wants to help them and stand back so they can see the errs of their ways. Now, Elijah becomes the Modern-day Prophet combining Moses and Noah as he points out to the Governments of the World, 'As It Was In The Days of Noah, So Shall It Be This Day!'