THE PALLADIUM FILES


A serum, developed for the betterment of all humanity falls into the hands of those who choose chaos, evil and deception rather than peace and tranquility, the chaos of words are exchanged when a Bio-hazard Chemical Experiment goes awry, POTUS must depend on a group he feels is the worse of the worse, a bunch of scoundrels, MISFITS, and unloyal to the core. But with the menacing attack of Alien-like lizards bourne from a chemical experiment, and no one else to turn to, who else can he trust? 





When all hope is lost, and you have no one to run to, who can you call? There are experts that may answer, but are they ready to self-sacrifice? More than likely - The answer is an Astounding No!

When a virus erupts, and the antidote is nowhere to be found, who do you turn to? who do you run to? face-to-face with people who have been transformed into Reptiles, there is a certain panic and thought of destruction and annihilation of the human race that is sensed. Devouring any and everything in their path, they tear into flesh as one would bite into a fresh, home-made sweet-potato pie. Surely, there must be an antidote to battle this uncommon monstrosity, or is there?

One Source knows the truth behind the creation of both the serum and the virus that plagues the city, and who now has control of it. In order to protect all humanity, he must pray that a hero can be found in a world of Super-Villians. frankly, there are heroes of a sort, an unlikely bunch, classified as RENEGADES. Moreover, as with all Renegades, everyone deserves a chance. Some, more than others.  Life and the situations that it puts one in sometimes gets in the way. 

Morris "Doomsday' Dooms, is one who deserves such. With his band of Merry Men, Comrades in Arms, Comrades who would risk their lives for him, sd he would do the same for any of them without hesitation, they're called upon when all else fails, to assist with a deadly mission that without them, the world would be divided into chaos and death overnight. As much as they're referred too as Sad Sacks, Misfits, Turncoats, Degenerates, Rebels, Losers, Reprobates, Scums, Rabbles and Swines, and with aLL THE PROVERBS AND BYWORDS given to them,  you would think they would flip the finger and tell not only this Government but its people as well where they can go, but when needed, there is no hesitation about their loyalties to this Country and its Citizens.  When needed more than they realize, they come more-than-prepared to do a job no one on Earth is capable of doing or would want to do, but - At What Price?