THE BIRTHRIGHT 


Three Astronauts find themselves in a predicament when their shuttle is sucked into a Black-Hole and hurled into another galaxy, where they Crash-land, and the warrior-like inhabitants seek their destruction. Only One sees potential in the Astronaut called 'Moses' but it may not be enough to fight off the entire regime who wants to annihilate him completely   




MOSES WILLIAMS, Astronaut, Army Lieutenant and Mission Commander of the Shuttle Excelsior 4, along with Marine Staff Sgt./ Mission Cargo Specialist, Enrique Gomez, and Sheldon Ward, Navy Pilot and Flight Specialist, are preparing to return from their two-month mission, when the Space Station, Eagle 4 is riddled with micro-meteorites, meteors, and what seems like what could be a catastrophic fire that might spell death. This crew is the only one capable of terminating the problem and they don't have time to launch another shuttle. Risking their lives for duty has now become a parallel of death. 

After a failed attempt to return to Earth is lost, audio and visual power with Houston Mission Control fails. Science teams scramble to find their last known whereabouts. Unable to find the crew of Excelsior 4, they think the worse and pronounce their untimely fate. Having Excelsior 4 struck by numerous meteors, meteorites, microcosmic meteorites, and asteroids, the collisions cause the shuttle to be hurled further and further away from Earth's center atmosphere, getting it sucked into a Black-Hole that comes from out of nowhere.  Sucking the shuttle and its crew into the far reaches of the galaxy, and dominion of space and time, spiraling out of control fast, they find themselves in an atmosphere on a planet, trillions upon a billion-trillions upon a billion-quadrillion-trillion of miles away from where they originated.  Landing, feeling grudging, they now wonder of their plight. With health and body functions diminishing rapidly, they are met with the demonizing demining menacing acts of the most feared warriors of the region.

Reenyah, from the Planet, Galactaur, belongs to a race of strong, powerful beings. Fearless Warriors who have heard of Earthlings and there most hateful, vile, wicked, violent, impudent, selfish, degenerate and despicable ways. A fierce, competitive warrior, has served in the military since her youth. At the age of thirteen, she felt the call of battle for the freedom of her people and united with its Armed Forces, but there are times when she questions the choice she's made as she feels they are sometimes reckless and goes overboard in their decisions. Standing at 6'5, which is a short stature compared to most female Galactaurians whose usual minimum height is 7'2. An adorned beauty, Reenyah is as savagely brutal as she is gorgeously gifted. Age-wise, Reenyah 42,998 years of age, which on Earth would be the equivalent of a mere 20 years old. On their planet, the inhabitants are considered fully mature until they have reached 243,000 years of age. 

Death takes place and left are Moses and Gomez, who is being led hostage and carried away in ropes and chains, and placed in a prison holding cell held for captives of other worlds, as well as those born on Galactaur who are against the Rebellious fallen, headed by Aldaran, who are to be executed at his will. The Prison System, in its entirety, has no place in the Universe, certainly and especially not on Galactaur. However, its significance bears truth to the fact that a Royal race of Beings, whose lost their Royalty, has indeed lost their way, and in losing, are now described as 'DRY BONES'. In another time and place, this senseless act would have been against their culture, and their Most Holy, Cultural and Spiritual Laws to hurt, harm or destroy others.  Once upon a time, they were considered Holy and Righteous, until such a time when they dared go against the Universal Laws of their CREATOR, thus they have been reduced to live as warmongers, killing anything that they desire, and for some, not even really knowing why they do it.

Having no love or respect for Earthlings, and until the arrival of Moses, they never have met such, only the gruesome tales and stories that have been told throughout the Galaxy and The Universe. There are those who have traveled back and forth, to and fro, observing the Earth and its inhabitants, although keeping themselves disguised and unseen, more like a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, but because Moses has shown himself to be Honorable, Righteous, and a Moral Man, his captor, Reenyah, has asked her Commander, Aldaran, that he might be given some dignity before his death.

As Reenyah learns more about her captive and enemy, she is compelled to speak on his behalf, which almost cost her, her very life in the face of her Commander, and during this process, she wants to be the one to initiate the 'Final Kill' but doesn't want to do so as quickly. Others in High Command questions her actions and wonders what she's waiting for and if she is secretly plotting a plan for his escape.  Time really becomes the enemy for Moses as options for his life is running out. Moses must now find the INNER-GOD from within that will allow two people from different Worlds, Cultures, Society, Beliefs, and Thoughts, revolving around two separate Societies, Cosmos and galaxies to find common ground and become One. Moses learns that one called, 'The Fallen Angel' must be crucified, but in doing so, he must be willing to make himself a Human and Living Sacrifice in order to save not only the inhabitants of the Earth but those of Galactaur and the Progeny of Both.