BRANDON'S RUN 


Brandon, a young student who recently started College, seeks employment and desperately wants to work somewhere in or near The White House.  He gets his wish from an unlikely source, a Senator who happens to overhear his complaints about not finding a job. Little does Brandon know that the Job he is offered has a price that may involve his very life. 




Getting a Job once out of High School would mean a lot to now, College Freshman, Brandon Darius. An excellent student in the field of Law and Criminal Justice is about to learn first-hand what it takes to become a fighter for justice, as he 'Unknowingly' embarks on a journey to assist the U. S. Treasury Department of Justice, and the morals of right and wrong.  A microchip is secretly placed inside his backpack that harbors information containing not only billions of dollars worth of wealth but secrets of the lives of national and international leaders as well. Some of the wealthiest wouldn't want their public and secret lives spoke of, nor their dirty secrets of how they've manipulated others. Because of this microchip, Brandon is thrust into a world of corruption, jealousy, greed, and murder.  Brandon is thrust into this world of corruption where he is faced with running for his life over something he knows little o nothing about. Aty times he feels better off with getting the cheapest job in America than to go to college to get an education since he feels he will never get anywhere as somehow, the very thought of being successful in a world of success seems to elude him. 

Senator Tolbert, who seems to be an unwilling participant and former friend of Swedish Financier, Philanthropist and Diplomatic Official, Lars Sandstrom, who's the ambition of greed is strengthened by his desire of manipulation, stole it from a Russian Mafia, who stole it from a wealthy British woman, Marsha (Madam Tigress) Pendelton. it is worth over $8.6 Billion dollars,  and another $5.9 billion in Bitcoins on the circuit of Silver and Gold. It is now in the form of a microchip worth to Mr. Briggs at a price of $4.2 Billion dollars, as it was moved from an International Banking System.