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                                                       Purple Reign Filmworks 


I Am Happy That You Have Joined Us Today that I may Share some Wonderful and Exciting News about the Direction that we at Purple Reign Filmworks will be heading in the Months to come. We work hard to Excel as the Very Best in the Film and Video Production Entertainment World. We now seek the Finance from Investors, Philanthropists, Moguls, Film Industry Tycoons, Film Industry Giants and Entrepreneurs, and Other Genres across the Nation. I seek Investors to assist me in the Building of a Motion Picture Film Studio and Production Company that any and everyone will be more than proud to work in and/or be associated with. We Understand that Time can be of the Essence and how Schedules can get very Busy. We Would Love to Pitch Scripts to you in hopes that You'll find an interest in them. 


So Why Invest In Purple Reign Filmworks? Investing in Purple Reign Filmworks is an Opportunity to get in on an Upcoming and Rising Film Production Studio that's on its way to making its mark, and enjoy the Prestige of being at its stage of infancy, and being in the Circles to watch its Birth and the Paramount of its succession and Adulthood.  


The Film and Entertainment Industry as a Whole will Make a Remarkable Jump to $115 Billion or More in the Year 2021. With the Rise of Scripts and Screenplays and those Investing in it, this seems like a great place to be. We would like to be a part of the Sharing by Being in the Front Line and Meeting that Growing Demand. In the Future, We'd Like to Extend Our Hand to Nexflix and Amazon by Being Represented in the Chain of Suppliers and Become Valuable Partners in Strategy and Aquisitioning the Streaming Platform.


As a Screenwriter and Director, My Potential Goal is Taking that Journey from Being an Unknown and Undiscovered Writer to Reaching Success with a Film that has Made it to the Big Screen, and Finally Becoming a Household Name. From Being Mocked for Years that I'm Nothing and Less-Than-Nothing, to Making Mad-Skills Money and In-Demand. Being Sought after Because of my Talented Writing Skills and Being asked to Write for the Major Directors and Writers. Being able to Write a Script so Deep in Meaning, So Powerful in Structure that it Leaves you not only Mind-Boggled but In A Deep Trance. I want My Level of Writing to Capture your Most Inner-Thoughts, and Holding You Hostage within Your Own Mind, Leaving You And the Audience Spellbounded, taking you on a Level So High and So Deep, that you will be left wondering if it could happen to you. Perhaps - it DID Happen to you, in another Life and Time.

I want You and my Audience to Be so emersed in the Action and In the Story, that you forget that the Talents are Actors and feel They are the True Living Beings that they portray. I want to Write so Spiritually, that a Man who Never cries, sheds Tears like he Lost his Entire Fortune and everything that he ever worked for. Tears that reaches below the Soul, and Spurts out like a Volcano. I want to Give the World a Story So Deep, So Intimate, with So Much Meaning, that Not Only is it Nominated, but WINS IN SEVERAL CATEGORIES. I want to Give the World a Story So Unique, Different, and Never-Before-Thought-Of or Seen Before, that It defies the Very Thought! To Leave One Breathless and Your Train of Thought Begins to go every which way, is what I'm after. To give you a Presentation that you'll purchase it as soon as it hit the market so that it can be watched over and over and over AGAIN. 


Now, by Creating a Film Production Studio, I will be able to transform from paper to reality - Trade Shows, Video or a Documentary, Motion Picture Films, Music, Videos, just to name a few. Not only will I be able to Produce and Direct, but also, provide Script-to-Screen solutions with a top-of-the-line professional look and sound.  Whether shooting on location or in Our Studio, we will create the feel that conveys your message. 


Also, I'd like to Organize Charity Foundations, One which will be called, "Tell Stories The Write Way."  By having an Educational Center, we are able to educate the Next Generation of Film Producers, Scriptwriters, Programmers, Graphic Artists, and Directors by In-house Training. We will seek out those from different Economic Communities and Cultures who show a Desire for Excellence in their lives, including Expectations Academically, Educationally, and Personal Character. Integrity, Hard Work, Passion for what you do, being Honest and Forthright, Righteous and Honorable, are Good Traits to Have, along with Ambition, Drive, Willingness, and Sacrifice, All Make for Good Networking. 


So Let's Be Real, Let's Be Honest. There is a 50% that Money will be Lost, and there's also the chance of getting at least 20 to 40% of it back. But then there's that Chance when you strike Gold, and your Return Investment is A Thousand Fold of what you gave away. Such is the Business of Being an Investor. It's that 1% chance, that you'll strike it rich, and get a REturn Investment that could link you up to Millions and More. We Always Like to Think of the Path of Being that 1%. How Lucky, or should I say, How Blessed Can One Be? People Invest money for Profits or Returns. People Invest in Many Things such as Food, Vehicles, Expensive Jewelry, Dinners, Dinner Dates, Lottery Tickets, Expensive Vacations,  DISNEY LAND, Football Seasoned Tickets and Much, Much More. What I'm getting at is this - The Man (Or woman) who is an Investor Didn't get to be an Investor by Twiddling their Thumbs... it was Hard Work and taking a chance at something that could or could not work and their efforts paid off. It's been often said - People today are more afraid of looking stupid than they are of losing Money.  Ask yourself Why.


So Really... Who 'DO' We Seek? Who Are The Investors that We Are in Search Of? Let's start off with those who may know you a Little Bit Better like, Family and Friends. Of course, that want you to Succeed. 9 Times out of 10, they have little Resources, little to No Money, But they Believe in you, They Have Low Expenses, But Definitely A Big Heart! Then there's Friends of a Friend or Friends of the Family Who Knows, or Perhaps their Friend or Friends May Know the More Wealthy People and that person May want to Share Some of Their Wealth with You.


Functions and Get-Togethers, Often bring about an Exclusive Crowd. After-Work Buffets and Parties, not to mention Friday Brunches, and while there, don't forget to leave your Business Card. Many People are Interested in your Project, you just don't know it yet. You also have Crowdfunders and Angel Investors, where you can create a party for the Wealthy.


To Summerize - We Are In Search of INVESTORS, Willing to Take that Leap-of-Faith. You're going to Spend it Anyway, Why Not Spend it on an Investment. Pretend like it's the Lottery!  We are In Search of that ONE - who Believes in Others. We are in search of That ONE, who Desires to See Someone else Become Great. WE Are in Search of That One-In-Particular who has the Willingness and Desire to See a Project go from Birth to Life Outside the Womb. We Are in Search of That Investor Who KNOWS about Risk and Has Been through the Fire Several Times, and Each time came out a Winner. And Being A Success Story in their Own Right. Being an Investor, you are already aware that there's a risk to be taken, a Large Risk. But does that stop you? Has it Ever Stopped you? Let's Be Honest, One to Another. We know the CHANCES OF FAILURE can Increase the chance and Value of your Investment. The Assurance that you Will Recieve a Return is higher than Not. Who Knows, you May Not Get Millions and Millions, but I Do Believe Wholeheartedly, that you Will Recieve a Substantial Return for your Buck.


We strive to provide Moral Excellence, Upright Character, and Aboveboard  Qualities in ALL WE DO. As We Begin This Crusade, This Journey, From Alpha To Omega, We Ask for Guidance that We Follow that Great Rising and Shining Star. We Ask that you Walk with Us As This Greater Light is Formed, Forming This Venture as we head towards the Future. Being that we are ALL Endowed with A Gift, some have the Gift of Knowledge, then there are Some with the Gift of Sharing and Giving. I implore you, I urgently, earnestly and humbly beseech you, asking you to Join Us. Let's Use it for the Common Good, and Make this a Unique Abode.  Let's Share Our Minds. Let's Make THIS Happen.


Because of the Inspiration that has Transpired recently, We are in Hopes that Our Newly Contributors Continue with their Gifts. We So Much Plead with You to Participate to Meet Our New Challenge Goal of $1,800,000. Only Through Your Participation, can We Achieve this Goal.



                                                                  WELCOME TO THE NEW REIGNVOLUTION ERA OF FILMS